Insurance Brokers and Insurance Agents, What is the difference?

insurance policyIf you’re needing some advice on insurance, would you be better off speaking with an insurance agent or an insurance broker?

What’s the difference?  Does it really matter?


A BROKER is more independent and able to offer the customer more choices.

An insurance agent works specifically for one company.  An agent is the employee of this one company so can only offer their products.

An Insurance broker works with all insurance companies equally and is not bound to any one company.  So the insurance broker is able to offer you, the customer, a wider range of products and services.

You’ll be able to get better deals that are more personalized to your precise needs.

Choice is always a good thing!  Especially when making decisions on important matters like insurance.

The insurance coverage you obtain is a critical component of your overall well being, financially and physically.

Insurance coverage often influences some of the most critical aspects of our lives.  Make sure you have coverage that’s right for you.  See an Independent Insurance Broker for the most comprehensive advice and services available.

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